Friday, September 14, 2012

SAP Netweaver 7.3 Installation Step by Step - Windows/Oracle

Here are the detailed steps to install a SAP Netweaver 7.3 Central Instance ( CI ) on the same host.
Here is the diagram to give more understanding regarding the standard ABAP + JAVA System.

So , let us start the installation . It is recommended if you check sap note 611361 and PAM matrix for OS and hardware requirement. Specially if you are installing on UNIX based system , please do check the above resources.

1. Download the Netweaver 7.3 media  from SMP . Once , you have extracted the media you should be able to have the following folder. ( These may be different for you)

2. Prepare OS and Java Enviorment :
Set the Virtal memory as per the note 1518419.

Install JRE and set the environment variables on the host OS.

3. Install the 11g Oracle DB.
On the database server, place the Oracle RDBMS media in the media drive and change to the directory::\database\SAP\
The media I download is having the sapserver.cmd file at Drive:\Oracle_RDBMS\51042334\database\SAP

Install the relevant patch as per note 1503709

4. Start the Installation:

Once you browse the installation master media please choose the sapinst as per the desired OS and DB installation.
Here we have selected the media for Windows 2008 R2/Oracle installation.

As , you can see we do not have dual system selection expect for PI .

Here are the screenshots to gave you an idea regarding the installation.

Installation of Java Stack